Press Coverage 4/10: 2017 NFL Mock Draft (First Round)

April 10, 2017

Today we have a special edition of the Press Coverage podcast. Today we have five Mock Draft experts coming on the show and we are going to "live" draft the first round of this years NFL Draft.

Obviously, this is a podcast, so what do I mean by "live"? Simply that the picks that will be made on this podcast weren't predetermined. Two weeks ago I assigned each of our five guests 5-to-6 teams each. They then had to do research on what each of those teams needs and they created a mini-version of a Big Board for each team.

None of the five experts know what the other experts will pick, just like a real NFL Draft. We will go through all 32 first round picks, and each expert will give a brief synopsis of why they took each player.

The five guests I have coming on are as follows:

  1. Matt Sandell of
  2. Tim Strobel of The DFS Roundtable
  3. Jason Ferguson of the radio show Tha Study Hall with Frank and Jason live every Thursday at or on demand right here at
  4. Also coming to us from The DFS Roundtable is Jason Aguirre, who has been on the show before with his twin brother Gerson.
  5. And, rounding out the panel, we have another returning guest and GoingFor2's own, Eric Frosbutter. Eric also contributes to the Miami Dolphins Fansided blog

I hope you enjoy the show, and be sure to visit for all four of our shows; ClashoftheNerds "Let's Podcast" and "Armbar" as well as "The Pay Me No Mind Show" with host Wood.

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