Clash of the Nerds Presents - Armbar Fastlane Recap

March 9, 2017

We recap WWE Fastlane as well as Raw and Smackdown 

Press Coverage 3.8: NBA Hot Topics & DFS FanDuel Lineup Advice

March 8, 2017

My first guest tonight, Matt Sandell of, comes on tonight to talk post-trade deadline, rookie of the year, Kevin Durant, and more. Our second segment features DFS FanDuel extraordinaire Shane Clawson giving us his best plays for Wednesday 3/8/17.

Clash of the Nerds Presents - Let’s Podcast: Breath of the Wild

March 7, 2017



Twitch to sell games through Streamers


Ghost Recon Wildlands


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer


Alien Covenant Trailer


Homer Simpson to be “inducted” into baseball hall of fame

Overwatch nerfed too much by blizzard

Clash of the Nerds Presents: ARMBAR - 3-1-2017

March 2, 2017

We Recap The Events of Raw & Smackdown the week of 2-27-2016

PMNM: #OscarsSoWood

February 24, 2017

This week's PMNM show is golden family! As in Oscar's statuette golden... but Wood still brings tons of boxing content. 

Boxing guests include 2x world jr middleweight champ Cornelius Bundrage (@ 33:35), Eric Lorta of Ringside Reporter (@ 38:04), 2012 U.S. Olympian and undefeated light heavyweight "Sir" Marcus Browne (1:02:08), and an exclusive interview with Showtime's VP of Sports Stephen Espinoza (1:15:51). Espinoza weighs in on some great topics!

Then, Wood chops it with founder/editor Eric Fetterman on all things Oscar's at 1:25:03. Denzel vs Casey, Viola vs the field, and whether Moonlight is a really good movie....


Clash of the Nerds Presents: ARMBAR - 2-22-2017

February 23, 2017

We recap Raw and Smackdown for the week of Feb. 20th

Press Coverage 2/22: NBA Trade Deadline, Boogie Cousins in N.O., Top 5 Worst NBA Trades

February 22, 2017

I'm talking with Matt Sandell tonight about all the latest topics going on in the NBA including; the trade deadline, DeMarcus Cousins traded to the Pelicans, and the All-Star game. We also give our top 5 worst trades from our era of the NBA. Check us out at

Clash of the Nerds Presents - Let’s Podcast: Fireside

February 21, 2017

Week ending  2-17-17


David Bowie Grammys rant


We’re going to break apples with our biceps


Marvel Studios facebook page releases behind the scenes first look video for Avengers: Infinity War


NES Mini dead? Outside of the US at least


Ben Affleck out as Batman?


Zelda DCL $19 (march 3, summer, holiday)


Sophie Turner retuning as Jean Grey


80 Gen 2 Pokémon arrive in Pokémon Go this week


Former WWE Superstar Vader says he’s entering his final days


WB courting Mel Gibson to direct suicide squad sequel. WTF?

Clash of the Nerds Presents - Armbar Elimination Chamber Recap

February 16, 2017

We Recap the Events of Elimination Chamber as well as Raw & Smackdown.

Clash of the Nerds Presents - Let’s Podcast: Double Dragon IV

February 14, 2017

Week ending 2-10-2017


Attack on titan season 2 release date announced

Is fox rebooting firefly? Maybe, on one condition.


Crunchyroll announced their very own convention


Nioh is hard as fuck and made harder by the lack of real co-op


Who would win in a fight the OG 150 Pokemon or 150,000 lions


Old character (Beedle the merchant) appears in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, potentially hints at time line

CoD reboot

Tomb raider movie pics